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Healthy Habits to Improve Digestion.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Lidia, I'm Holistic Nutrition and Weight loss Coach and also a Fitness instructor.

I help women to lose weight and feel their best by overcoming digestive problems.

Do you know that improving your digestion can significantly improve your


Today I will share with you 3 tips for improving your digestion.

Tip #1 Listen to your body: Your body will tell you if the food you eat is working in the right way for you. Be mindful at the moment to choose your food.

Tip #2 Add low glycemic high fibre veggies to your meals, at least 2 cups in each meal, there are so many ways to add it, in smoothies, omelette, wrap, soup, salads, steam, grill, so many delicious ways.

Tip #3 Drink at least 2 litres of filter water a day if you don't have a water calculator that tells you how much water you should be drinking depends on your physical l activities, at least 2 litres will be plenty.

Remember: Listen to your body, add veggies in every meal and drink a least 2L water a day.

If you have any medical condition you must check with your doctor before starting any new habit.

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Lidia Alcantara.

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