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Access Bars

Access Bars

We’d all like to feel more relaxed and less stressed in our day to day lives.

For many of us, we struggle to shut our minds off at the end of the day and release our worries and tension. It’s hard to stay focused in the present moment, and all we want to do is live peaceful and content lives. Perhaps you’ve tried many techniques to lower your stress, but nothing seems to work. What if we told you there was a

way to reduce all that mental clutter? A solution that doesn’t require any work… or even talking. Welcome to the world of Access Bars.

What Are Access Bars?

The premise is simple. There are 32 points (bars) on your head that represent different areas of life such as communication, awareness, money, control, and creativity. During an Access Bars session, a

clinician gently touches these points to release the limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions that correspond to the specific bar being activated.

At this point (pun intended) you might be thinking, “this is too good to be true!” But it’s actually simple if you think of the brain as a busy computer. On one hand, there’s all kinds of helpful things in there, but on the other hand, there’s also lots of clutter and junk. Maybe it’s files that have been stored there for ages, such as negative beliefs we’ve had about ourselves since childhood. Or maybe it’s a new virus that.

popped up out of nowhere, like financial stress caused by an unexpected layoff. By touching the areas where that junk is (those unhelpful thoughts, feelings and emotions), it is released. Kind of like rebooting a computer! Wouldn’t you like to experience that same reset so your mind can run more smoothly?

What Can Access Bars Do for You?

There are many positive effects of Access Bars. Some include:

  • Increased calm, peace, and relaxation

  • Greater mental clarity

  • More restful sleep

  • Increased energy

  • Lower stress and body tension

  • Less reactivity

  • Reduced limiting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

has shown that Access Bars treatment is associated with reduced anxiety and depression symptom severity. To learn more about the research behind the bars

The Bars contain all the limitations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgments and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime and are now preventing you from living a totally new life and choosing consciously for yourself. The therapy deletes all the useless "files" related to money, healing, peace, body, creativity, control, form, structure, joy, sadness, awareness ... that are stored in your brain and prevent you from seeing more possibilities in your life.

Similar to when the lights go out in your house and you flip the circuit breaker or trip switch, so the lights come on again, a Bars therapy allows your lights to come on. The energy of the universe becomes available to you, and this often results in more peace, ease, joy and abundance in your life.

Several doctors who are experts in biofeedback have reported changes in brain waves after Bars therapy. Beta waves changed to more relaxed theta waves in the course of a one-hour session. Access has known for years that the Bars change the electrical function of the brain.

What can you expect after receiving the Bars?

Every Bars session is different. The worst that can happen after a Bars session is you feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

Among the most commonly reported effects are

an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter anymore.

How long does the effect of a Bars session last?

Once you have your Bars done, the Bars continue to release stuck energy forever. Every time you have it done after that; the effect becomes more dynamic. The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within 3-4 weeks of the session.

How often should you have your Bars done?

This is entirely up to you. How good would you like to feel? How easy would you like your life to be?

Some Bars facilitators wonder why we don’t all do it every day! Most people like to have their Bars run at least once a week, or whenever they feel stressed, cranky, or out of sorts with how their lives are going. A Bars therapy offers an immediate solution.

Who can benefit from having their Bars done?

Everyone who is willing to lie still for the therapy.

Some people may not value the experience of relaxation and consider it a total waste of time. Other people who have an interest in changing and improving their lives may be keener. We recommend concentrating your efforts on the latter, the people who desire change.

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